• Kathy Cronwall

Panettone and Pandoro

Christmas in Italy is not without Panettone or Pandoro, or both. The classic sweet breads are traditionally baked and sold by the millions around the world specifically for the holiday season.

Panettone is from Milan. Often described as a fruitcake, it is indeed a sweet domed-shaped cake with candied fruits and raisins. A panettone has to rise many times and takes longer than 24 hours to complete. The baking process is long so most people opt to buy this treat rather than attempt to recreate it at home. Panettone can be served with a dollop of creamy mascarpone cheese. Espresso or Prosecco are common accompaniments.

Pandoro is from Verona, and is baked in a star shape. The Pandoro is sweet, without any added fruit, and often dusted lightly with powdered sugar. It is best when it is warmed slightly in the oven to melt the buttery goodness that permeates the cake.

Both are delicious, and make great gifts. Friendship, sharing, celebration- that is what these breads symbolize. Going to a dinner party? Offer the host a Panettone. Heading to Grandma's? Bring along a Pandoro. Food is the universal gift that is always appreciated. Reward yourself, take home both.

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