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Autentico Sapore Italiano

Mario Ghedin Shares the

Flavors of Italy!


Autentico means authentic, real.  At Autentico Sapore Italiano, we know that everyone  gets caught up in the chaos of life.  We'd like to offer a bit of respite, a momentary time out, a place to enjoy a quality meal with your friends and family and have a conversation.  

 We are a sandwich and antipasti shop located inside the beautiful and tranquil grounds of the Colorado River State Historic Park.  Stop by to enjoy our little Italian Deli firsthand.

Mario Ghedin is from Treviso, Italy, not far from Venice.  Treviso is in the heart of Prosecco country and is famous for inventing the decadent coffee-flavored dessert, tiramisù.  Not only does Mario bring his classic  tiramisù to Yuma, but also his vast knowledge and collection of Italian wines and Prosecco.  He has an extensive knowledge of the restaurant business, having worked in Italian restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Canary Islands, and San Diego for over 20 years.  He brings his passion for traditional, real Italian food to Yuma to pair with the history of Yuma in his latest business venture, Autentico Sapore Italiano, which translates as the "authentic flavor of Italian food."

Mario enjoys a good glass of wine, he’s the life of the party, and although he loves his adopted hometown of Yuma, Italy will always call him home.

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